The Meaningful Business Blueprint

Raise your hand if any of these sound familiar:

*You’ve heard about, read about, or even studied goal setting

*You know how important goal setting is for achieving big results

*You’re pretty sure a solid set of goals is the missing link between you and success in your life + biz


Despite all of this…

You haven’t set any goals.

Not for lack of trying, though. Maybe you’ve

*Sat down to write out your goals… and come up blank.

*Felt like you couldn’t find the right words to write your goals

*Had so many ideas for goals that you couldn’t choose

*Wished you were more excited about your goals

If you’re happy with your goal setting process, CONGRATS! Maybe you’d like to learn about a new way to set your goals and tap into the powerful part of your brain that speaks only in images and feelings.

BUT, if you’re like me and you need to start by getting some doggone goals on paper (real or digital), I’ve got something for you!

My new Visual Goal Setting Workshop, The Meaningful Business Blueprint, is all about combining the power of words with limitless potential of pictures.

As a long-time hobby photographer I have a deep love of emotionally-charged images. They can summon the most incredible emotions. You can see an entire story in one single picture.

Together, we’ll tap into that incredible language-transcending power to help you map out YOUR VISION for a meaningful business that sustains your ability to live purposefully and make a meaningful impact on the world around you.

*Stop stressing about getting the words right.
*Create goals that are deeply meaningful & motivating
*Point your efforts & energy in the right direction
*Enjoy the goal setting process – it’s creative and fun!

How is it different?

*No more empty lined paper staring back at you

*Simple & Fun, Crafty

*It’s not just another blog post, article or book – this is a full multimedia experience
*You’re not on your own! The Beta Workshop will feature group coaching calls

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