What Could You Start RIGHT NOW?

If it didn't have to be perfect, I would start...

It’s so easy to list all the reasons we can’t or shouldn’t get started… yet.

But what if you just did? Just started.
Big, or small. Doesn’t matter. Just Start.

I’ll be here cheering you on + starting new things imperfectly and often. Care to join me?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you secretly wish you could start RIGHT NOW.

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10 Replies to “What Could You Start RIGHT NOW?”

  1. This is probably an unexpected answer, but I wish I could start getting my financial life together. I’m talking real financial intelligence. No debt… only buying what I can afford in full. Becoming an expert on the subject of both personal and business taxes.

    I’m scared because it’s a major lifestyle change. But a huge part of business is accounting. As a former accounting student, I know good accounting. Where I am right now is not good. I’m scared to buckle down, though, because that’s going to be one uncomfortable ride.

    1. The sooner the better. I’m right there with you, Sean and it’s not exactly the Fun Ship is it? Six Words: Dave Ramsey Dave Ramsey Dave Ramsey. Seriously. He knows what he’s talking about and he’s right on the money (no pun…). His saying is “Live like no else now so you can live like no one else later.”

      What’s scary is that two people with brains and an accounting education can fall for the lies we’re told about numbers and money. It’s essentially how Enron happened. People were told financial stuff that didn’t make sense, but they didn’t want to look foolish and question the ‘experts’… Let’s NOT be those people!

      To stay on point: Just start. Don’t wait till it’s perfect. NOW is the perfect time to start.

    1. Maybe this will provide some inspiration: My friends Srini Rao + David Crandall (from http://www.BlogcastFM.com) started up a site called 500 Business Books. http://500businessbooks.com/

      Would you start something online or in person? I’ll bet you could find people either way. I’m a total business/bio/personal development book junkie, so Id be all over discussing those kind of books. I’d hazard a guess that no matter where your interests lie you will find like minds!

  2. If I could I would start running, right now. Just start running. As an obese woman, I don’t feel that this is possible at this time.

    1. Hi Taryn! Thanks for visiting 🙂

      I’m not exactly a fitness model (not even close), but last year my hubby and I challenged ourselves to do a half marathon.

      Depending on your fitness level (and physician’s OK), you can start walking, and when you’re almost ready to go home run a quick burst. As you get in shape I’ve actually heard people recommend that you run (at a ‘breathable’ pace) till you have to slow down and walk, walk till you can run again, repeat…

      Check out http://www.c25k.com. 5k’s are a great way to get started. Runners are awesome people and you will love the energy at running events. And you don’t have to ‘run’ the whole time either. Join us run-walkers in the back 🙂 Good luck!

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