Is This COMMON LIE Keeping You From Discovering Your Life Purpose?

Don’t Let a Lie Keep You From Living Your Gifts + Giving to the World

Let Your Light Shine
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Would you believe it if I told you that the person lying to you is YOU?

This lie that many of us tell ourselves actually comes in two flavors, so let’s look at them both:

1. I don’t know what I want.

2. I don’t know what my strengths are.

Lie #1 can be really frustrating. Let’s be honest: you don’t want some smug entrepreneur/guru/celeb (who’s already living THEIR dream life!) telling you that you really do know what you want, do you? NO! Of course not. How dare they? They don’t know how long you’ve wracked your brain and metaphorically bashed your head against the wall trying to pull some fabulous life-affirming passion out of your brain. No, they have some cute little story about that one day when they suddenly realized (insert pat on the back here) that they knew what they wanted all this time and then BAM! their dream life began.

Make’s you wanna barf, doesn’t it?

But they’re right. If you know where to look you’ll find that you too already have the answers you need to take your life purpose to the next level.

There’s No Secret Formula

Lie #1 and Lie #2 are two variations of the same lie, and it goes something like this:

You aren’t very smart. You don’t know yourself. You CAN’T know yourself, unless you’re some sort of meditating, life force channeling guru. You’ve made the wrong choices in your life and you are far, far away from your right path.

Lucky for us these lies are a bunch of bovine poo. They also share the same easy solution:

Look at what you’re doing right now. What education and career path have you taken? What jobs have you taken (or not taken)? How do you interact with friends and family?

No matter where you are or what you’re up to right now you are already doing what you are meant to do in some form or fashion. In fact, in just about every area of your life holds clues to the next step of living your dream life.

We are designed to naturally and easily express our strengths.

It is absolutely, positively impossible for us NOT to express our gifts and affect the world around us. I really believe that, and you should too.

Part of what makes us wonderfully human is our inability to shut off our unique gifts and abilities. In fact, it’s precisely because we can’t turn these superpowers off that we know they are our strengths.

Your light was meant to shine. Put it under a basket and it will still make its way through the gaps.

Once you realize that you are always showing bits and pieces of your strengths you can start to actively take note of them and nourish them until they shine in every area of your life. We’ll talk more about the clues you should look for in your life or job in next the article.

Want to learn more about creating a life and biz that lets you share your brilliant light with the world?

Leave me a note below about the problems (or successes!) you’ve had in discovering your strengths.

photo credit: AlicePopkorn ( off ) via photo pin cc